Construction Management
The Vantage Construction Management team will work with you to develop the right approach for your project. As a full service provider, Vantage can supply all the necessary components -- supervision, labor, tools, equipment and materials required to provide a custom, turnkey construction program.

Vantage's experienced managers oversee all details, from the design phase through final inspections - including hiring and managing subcontractors, as needed. Our construction management services ensure quality construction and cost savings throughout the building process - working to your specifications and within local and national code requirements.

Vantage can perform construction in all phases of telecommunications construction including:

  • Turnkey Site Construction
  • Monopoles and Masts
  • Guyed Towers
  • Rooftops
  • Self Support Towers
  • Antenna, Coax and Microwave Dish Installation

Other services provided by our Construction Management team:

  • On-site Supervision
  • Safety Management
  • Daily Record Keeping
  • Site Management

Quality Assurance and Quality Control
In the fast-paced telecommunications marketplace, we understand that a quick turn-around is crucial to customers. With our complete array of Construction Management services, we can respond quickly to developments at the site and changes in your plans.

Project Management
Vantage provides comprehensive Project Management services for large-scale, complex telecommunications projects. We understand how critical the management of a project is to its overall success. Our experienced Project Managers utilize proven methodologies and processes to keep projects on schedule and within budget. Each project is scheduled and tracked to ensure success. Project schedules are updated and reviewed daily to allow for corrections and modifications of resources and manpower needs.

At Vantage, the cornerstones of our Project Management philosophy are customer care, performance review, program reporting and continuous organizational evaluation and improvement.